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SANS 1828: 2005- Chemicals for use in the Food Industry
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Why Household (Domestic) & Industrial Chemical Products?

The consumer household product market forms a substantial, if not the largest part of every consumers monthly expenditure list. There is not a household, restaurant, hotel, lodge, office or factory or in fact almost any other business that does not use a variety or any combination of different brands of cleaning products on a daily basis.

With this in mind Rox-Chem offers solutions to it’s customers/consumers in more cost effective packaging forms, as well as preferred, convenient easy to use solutions i.e.: 750ML Dishwashing and Handy-A as well as 5LT and 25Lt solutions which are more suitable for restaurants, hotels, businesses from a cost control point of view.

The Aim of Rox-Chem is to become the number one preferred supplier of both household, industrial and office environments chemical products. We produce quality products that are innovative, flexible and offer solutions that best meet the needs of our consumers at competitive pricing. We offer an excellent service experience. We aim to not only gain but retain every new customer that we deal with.

Managing Market Risks

Quality, Availability, Service that you can rely on and Pricing that is competitive form an integral part of the FMCG market and the opportunity exists to create an advantage by supplying a range products used for the entire cleaning function in every household or business in packaging solutions that are flexible, creative and best satisfy customer needs.

We aim to be SABS approved in 2010.

When a company agrees to introduce Rox-Chem as their cleaning solution specialists, the following benefits are automatically derived-

Quality Products - More than 20 years experience in the manufacturing of FMCG by the managing members.

Service - On time reliable service that will always meet customer needs and expectations.

Availability - Products that are available in packaging solutions that satisfy customer needs and wants that enable them to manage their businesses in the most cost effective manner.

Right Pricing - We guarantee market related pricing as sales are made. Any savings realised through cheaper/alternate packaging forms are passed on to our consumers/customers.

New Products - Rox-Chem will continue to add innovative products in the market place and to ensure that the highest Health and Safety Standards are used and maintained in the manufacturing and development of all our Fast Moving Consumer Good Products.

Strategies - Will be devised and implemented that best ensure satisfying customer needs and wants are always our number one priority. Delighting our customers is our primary aim.